This is where I'll put all my past and present projects with short blips about each. You can find the most recent projects at the top of the list.

NetHack4-server container image


I wanted to host my own instance of NetHack4, a cli-based game. I didn't find an image for it right away so decided to make my own. The container attaches to inetd in order to serve the nethack4-server process. I then exposed the default port and can connect to my NetHack4 server at any time on any device and continue playing where I left off.

ZID - Shopify App


A fairly simple single-purpose Shopify app: find and delete products with zero inventory. It's a Rails app that uses Shopify's app gem as well as an ElisticSearch instance for quick retrieval.

React Rails Auth


This project has two components: an api-only Rails server and a React app served via Nginx. The Rails app implements token-based authentication which is consumed by the Rails frontend. State is handled by Redux. And Docker Compose brings it all together. I envision it as a good starting point for future web apps using these technologies.

Nginx Proxy Zero


This is a REST-like web API for managing container deployment of multiple services on a single host. It uses Nginx Proxy to handle routing requests to containers.

I'll add projects from work and older side projects soon...